The stress of everyday life, and aging can make some frightening changes to your body.

This may affect how you respond during intimacy and sex?

Hormonal imbalance or low estrogen levels can be the root cause of symptoms like

low sex drive, mood changes, fatigue, depression, vaginal dryness and more.


Such imbalance can occur due to natural changes, including menopause.

In addition, age, medication, mental health, environmental, and relationship factors can accelerate hormone imbalance and unpleasant symptoms. 

You may remember your younger days getting wet easily, but not in the mood for sex, happened often. There is a name for that occurrence, non-concordance, which was a common response when estrogen levels were high.

During this period in your life viewing something erotic or reading an arousing book would naturally cause vaginal lubrication.


Vaginal lubrication is a naturally produced fluid, designed to protect your genital area from injury or tearing and the higher your estrogen levels, the more you would lubricate.


Vaginal lubrication is always present when you are young, and production increases significantly near ovulation and during sexual arousal in anticipation of intercourse.


Vaginal dryness is a condition in which lubrication is insufficient, and sometimes artificial lubricants or solutions such as Eve's Alpha 8 are needed to substitute or regenerate natural moisture. 


Without enough lubrication, intercourse can be painful. The vaginal lining has no glands; therefore, the vagina must rely on other methods of lubrication.


Plasma, the liquid part of the blood that carries cells and proteins throughout the body and vaginal walls, due to vascular engorgement, is a chief lubrication source. 

The Bartholin's glands also secrete mucus to augment vaginal-wall secretions.

Near ovulation, cervical mucus provides additional lubrication.


This may be suppressed by a hormonal imbalance, or menopause which can cause a drop in your libido. 

As you age, this can be a reason for loss of interest in sex.

A drop in libido may also cause you to become moody, depressed, or experience memory loss and poor concentration.

Live Natural offers a solution to help enhance your libido, restore romantic desire, and end the fear of painful intercourse.


You will experience better lubrication, and a return of the lubricated feeling with the use of our natural-herbal solution Eve's Alpha 8.

Your reason for not feeling amorous may be Physio-logical, and solved, quickly, safely, and inexpensively with Eve's Alpha 8.


When Live Natural decided to offer Eve's, our goal was to assist in eliminating the common predetermined assumptions during intimacy, leading to verbal abuse, and accusations, which may damage an otherwise healthy relationship?

There are two common issues which can destroy a healthy relationship, lack of money and lack of sex with intimacy.

Live Natural may be able to help you in both areas, by providing a budget friendly solution and restoring sexual desire.

Ladies it is your time to have access to a complimentary solution in the bedroom.  

We are offering a natural-herbal solution to help bring back desire and pleasure during intimacy. 

We feel you will not find a better solution on the market at our price point, which can bring back those enjoyable moments of passion with pleasure so quickly and effectively like Eve's Alpha 8. 

Live Natural offers the same guarantee with our product Eve's Alpha 8 as we do

with Alpha RX Plus for Men. A 60-day money back guarantee

Our company has helped men since 2012 successfully overcome ED naturally, and now we are offering you an equal opportunity in the bedroom.



Ladies you known can come to the ball just as prepared as your partner.

After all you would not go to a ball in shorts and a blouse if your partner is wearing a tux?

Live Natural offers Eve's at a competitive price, with next day shipping and discrete packaging.


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