The stresses of everyday life may be making some frightening changes to your body. This may change how you feel about sex.


Many times, hormonal imbalance is the root cause of many symptoms like

low sex drive, mood changes, fatigue, vaginal dryness, depression and more.


Such imbalance can occur due to natural changes, including menopause in women. In addition, environmental and dietary toxins can accelerate hormone imbalance and un-pleasant symptoms.


Vaginal lubrication is a naturally produced fluid that lubricates a woman.


Vaginal lubrication is always present, but production increases significantly near ovulation and during sexual arousal in anticipation of intercourse.


Vaginal dryness is the condition in which this lubrication is insufficient, and sometimes artificial lubricants or solutions are needed to augment it. 


Without enough lubrication, intercourse can be painful. The vaginal lining has no glands, and therefore the vagina must rely on other methods of lubrication.


Plasma, (It is the liquid part of the blood that carries cells and proteins throughout the body) from vaginal walls due to vascular engorgement is a chief lubrication source. 

The Bartholin's glands also secrete mucus to augment vaginal-wall secretions. Near ovulation, cervical mucus provides additional lubrication.


This may be suppressed by a hormonal imbalance, due to factors which can include aging, stress and a drop in your libido.  As you get older, this may cause you not to be that interested in sex anymore.

You may get moody or even depressed, or experience memory loss and poor concentration.

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