The herbs in Alpha Mosit & tight Cream

Aleppo Oak Gall Extract






Traditional herbalists have long known that oak gall is rich in tannin, tannic acid, antioxidant, vitamins (mainly Vitamin A and C), calcium, iron, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. It also has many unique properties such as astringent, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Because of its high tannin content, oak gall is popularly used after childbirth to stimulate the contraction of the abdominal, uterine and vaginal muscles. It has been used for centuries by the most powerful, the most successful and the most highly-desired women in Asia.

Myrsinaceae Extract





This ingredient is a highly potent vaginal toner.  It contains phyto-estrogen, a type of plant hormone that helps strengthen the abdominal and vaginal muscles.


Piper Betle Leaf Extract






Piper betle leaf extract contains Piperine, a substance that protects the vaginal tissues by eliminating undesirable materials caused by the overgrowth of vagina flora.


Damiana Leaf Extract





Damiana is a wild shrub indigenous to Central and South America.  For more than 2,000 years, the extract from its leaves has been known as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that ever be harvested.  For women, it helps deliver oxygen to the genital area and in effect increases the sensitivity of the clitoris.  It also balances female hormone levels, reduces vaginal dryness, and increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms.





Vitamin E





Vitamin E has so many benefits especailly for the skin and promotes a youthful appearance.  Used in Alpha Moist & Tight it helps reduce the toxic effects of excessive estrogen.  It also cures vaginal dryness as well as hot flashes





Aloe Vera Extract 


This wonder plant is known for its many health benefits.  Of particular note is Aloe Vera’s regenerative properties that will help tighten your vagina and make it look and smell younger.


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L-Arginine can dramatically increase desire for sex, provide more pleasurable sexual experiences, promotes greater endurance, and helps achieve longer and more intense orgasms. L-Arginine promotes production of Nitric Oxide in our body. Nitric oxide helps to relax and dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow, and this dramatically increases your sensitivity and enjoyment.

But that's not all,. According to a study conducted at Canada's University of Alberta and published in Advances In Experimental Medicine and Biology,  rising nitric oxide also help to lower blood pressure, something long associated with sexual dysfunction, by relaxing your arteries and help restoring your youthful elasticity


It’s important to understand, l-arginine is a natural amino acid that’s readily available in the food most people consume on a daily basis. 


Please note: 


In general the amino acid l-arginine is considered a safe, natural supplement, however with the way l-arginine interacts with the body, there are some potential l-arginine side effects that may affect certain individuals, primarily individuals with specific conditions.


Before using L-arginine or any other l-arginine supplement, be sure to consult with your doctor. Taking that first step is a good idea when you begin taking any new supplement. 


Because l-arginine works with the body to produce additional nitric oxide, it dilates, or expands, the blood vessels.

This can be a concern for those at risk of bleeding or those who recently suffered a heart attack.


L-arginine should also be avoided during pregnancy and while breast-feeding. While it’s considered safe in both cases, there’s not enough research to definitively say it’s safe during pregnancy or breast-feeding.


Diabetics should also use l-arginine under caution because it can increase blood sugar levels.


While using any supplement containing L-Arginine:
  • Consult with Your Doctor or Health Care Provider if You Notice Any Side Effects

  • Get Adequate Exercise

  • Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet


Avoid using any supplement containing L-Arginine If You:

  • Are Pregnant or Nursing

  • Recently Suffered from a Heart Attack

  • Are Under the Age of 18

  • React Adversely to Taking L-arginine 


  • Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results achieved when using the product may vary from person to person.