All about Eve's and why you may want to try Alpha 8?

Your sexual health is important to your relationship and life.

Let us help you bring back those good days of intimacy, smiles and shared moments?

Throughout time women have accepted the challenges of maintaining home, children, jobs. There is worry around finances, education, marriage, and physical appearance.  All which can add to premature physiological issues. 

As mentioned earlier, physiological changes over time can affect hormonal imbalance and this may accelerate menstrual problems, which include issues like fertility, dryness of skin, pigmentation, frigidity, and premature aging.

At some point in life this leads to symptoms such as lack of sexual desire, difficulties becoming aroused, pain during intercourse, fatigue, tiredness, headaches, migraines, and food cravings. If you want to reduce those symptoms you may want to try Eve's Alpha 8.


Eve's Alpha 8 is made of herbs, an amino acid and an organic compound.

It is formulated to restore your interest in sex, and reverse hormonal imbalance. 


Use as directed, Eve's Alpha 8 may: 

  • Significantly boost sexual desire, libido

  • improve natural lubrication and reduce vaginal dryness,

  • intensify pleasure and orgasms, 

  • facilitate blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris, 

  • use before sexual activity as needed, 

  • improve stamina and endurance, 

  • increase arousal and reduce time to climax.  

  • Eve's Alpha 8 is fast acting, effective in less than 1 hour for women under 40 and women over 40 may take longer. As with any natural and or herbal supplement, effectiveness may be different for everyone.


Eve's Alpha 8 comes with a 60-day money back guarantee from Live Natural.

Live Natural is a company dedicated to helping men and women over-come sexual issues.