(1). Tynanthus panurensis (AKA Clove vine)-Indigenous to the Amazon rainforest and other parts of tropical South America and said to have been used by women in the Amazon for centuries as an aphrodisiac.
In addition to its effect on the libido, it supports energy levels for women experiencing sexual fatigue – Common in male sexual enhancement products, this ingredient has many benefits for women too, supporting sexual stimulation and energy while reducing the anxiety that can lead to poor sexual performance.
(2).  Arginine Supplement- is comprised of two Arginine molecules bound to one Malate salt.
Di Arginine Malate offers faster absorption compared with regular Arginine as a result of the addition of the Malate salt. 

It is thought to heighten the sensitivity of engorged tissues. For many women, this means more pleasure and more powerful sensations in response to various types of stimulation, which can naturally boost vaginal lubrication and improve the chances of having an orgasm.




(3). Cordyceps Synesis Extract -Cordyceps contains Cordyceps Polypeptide, which is the most precious active ingredients in Cordyceps. It is extracted using high technology.

Even a small amount of Cordyceps Polypeptide has remarkable results.

According to the medical research, modern medicine has found extracts of Cordyceps Synesis to be beneficial in improving fatigue in the elderly and those with cardiovascular or respiratory disease.  


Cordyceps appears to modulate the immune system, although results have varied widely based on the extract method used.  

Cordyceps, one of the better-known traditional orient herbs, consists of the dried fungus Cordyceps synesis growing on the larva of the caterpillar.  It is commonly used in the East for the replenishment of general body health.

One of the reported effects is its anti-oxidation activity. 
Cordyceps is recognized as a health supplement in oriental traditional herbal practice and is also one of the East top 3 most valuable herbs besides Ginseng and Deer's antlers. Cordyceps has a broad range of pharmacological and biological actions on the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system. One of the known pharmacological effects is its anti-oxidation activity

(4). Kudzu Root Extract- Kudzu also contains several useful isoflavones. Kudzu is a unique source of the isoflavone puerarin. 

Kudzu is beneficial for control of some post-menopausal symptoms such as hypertension and diabetes type II. Kudzu root compounds can affect neurotransmitters (including serotonin) and it has shown value in treating migraine and cluster headache.


Harvard Medical School is studying kudzu as a possible way to treat alcoholic cravings.

In traditional Oriental medicine kudzu is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs.

(5). Damiana Leaf Extract- Traditionally used by women who believe it can restore their ability to achieve orgasm. Also used to improve digestion and to treat constipation.

Damiana leaves have long been used because of the positive stimulation they often have on the digestive and reproductive systems. 


This herb is thought to enhance sexual stimulation in women. Other key benefits include higher energy levels and a reduction in the feelings of nervousness and anxiety that can wreak havoc on the female libido.

(6). Wild Yam Extract-used as a natural medicine because of its fertility enhancement in women.

Wild yam extract is used throughout the world for a variety of medicinal uses. Its popularity has grown over the years as it has become an attractive natural aid for hormone replacement therapy and as a treatment for premenstrual syndrome (PMS).



(7). Dong Quai [ˈdo͝oNG ˈkwā, ˈkwī] - (sometimes called female ginseng), an aromatic herb of the parsley family, the root of which is used to treat premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, and other gynecological conditions. Women approaching menopause often experience menstrual cramps that are painful and erratic.

Dong Quai is also said to improve female fertility, battles skin problems, Helps keep your skin lovely and youthful, and increases blood flow that results in increased energy and strength.


(8). Bioprene Extract- its primary function is enhancing the effectiveness and absorption of nutrients consumed from other dietary supplements, prescription medication, and basic meals. 

BioPerine is a patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits. BioPerine uses are many, including fighting fat, or help with digestion. 


BioPerine benefits are all about how they help to produce better and more effective absorbing systems on the human body, especially when it comes to nutrients, while also giving the ability to maintain glucose at a stable level with hormones, and even helping to create more energy in the body. 

WebMD notes: the black pepper fruit is safe when consumed as an ingredient in food and possibly as an herbal remedy. BioPerine or black pepper extract comes from natural sources.

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